Film- and Fotoproduction coordinated
and supervised by one hand

No matter if you plan a portrait studio shooting, you need to shoot fore- / background elements for CGI compositing or want to film a car tvc on location: We are your reliable partner offering all production related services as budgeting, casting, location scouting, permitting, location management, crew booking, line producing, travel arrangements and postproduction supervision.

We work on a costplus base with receipt-based settlement, updating the budget daily so there are no surprises or unexpected overages when closing the job.



Company founder Tobias Seifert started his career in the mid 90ies, working for several renowned filmproduction companies. Finding solutions in no time for whatever challenge quickly became his impetus, logistics his passion. After several years as freelanced producer for tv commercials, Tobias Seifert founded add pictures! production service in 2004 with its main target to combine production skills of film AND foto industry. 

In the last decade, this business model proofed to be, what the market was looking for: Film- and Fotoproduction coordinated and supervised by one hand. Keeping up to date with technical development in film, foto, light, grip and postproduction, holding extensive knowledge of natural & architectural environment, being part of a worldwide network of trustful professionals and vast experience shooting all over the world, Tobias Seifert and his team offer state of the art production services tailor-made for the clients visons and needs.



Clients i.a.  ADAC    Adam Opel AG    Adelholzener    Adidas    Allianz    Andreas Stihl AG    ARRI    Apollo-Optik    Audi    BDF Beiersdorf AG    BMVI    BMW    Bugaboo    Burger King    Busch-Jaeger    Capital One    Credit Suisse    Daimler AG    Deka Bank    Deka Investments    Deutsche Bank    Deutsche Telekom    DFB    EADS    Elle    EnBW    Ernstings Family    Esprit    Evonik    FC Bayern München    Franziskaner Weissbier    freundin    Harman Industries Inc.    Infineon Technologies    JBL    Kabel Deutschland    K+S AG    Kaufland    Lufthansa    MAN    MC Donalds    Mercedes Benz    Mini    NetApp    Nike    Nintendo    Nissan    Nivea    ÖAMTC    OSRAM    Oui    Porsche    Rewe    Rolex    Robinson Club    Seat    Siemens    Skoda    Stylight    Sony    Suzuki    SWM Stadtwerke München    Toyota    Tom Tailor    Union Investment    Versicherungskammer Bayern    Visa    Vodafone    VW


Photographers i.a.  Paul Barbera    Oscar van de Beek    Petra Bindel    Malte Braun    Leo Baumgärtner    David Daub    Uwe Düttmann    Jan-Eric Euler    Daniela Federici    Robert Grischek    Guzman    Candelaria Gil    Esther Haase    Andreas Hempel    Uli Heckmann    Benjamin Jehle    Andrea Kueppers    Arne Lesmann    Ailine Liefeld    Steven Lippman    Klaus März    Dirk Messner    Bernd Opitz    Günther Philip    Marcus Philipp-Sauer    Benoit Peverelli    Paul Ripke    Jörg Rothhaar    Christian Schmidt    Detlef Schneider    Stefan Schütz    Thomas Schwörer    Carlos Serrao    Jacob Sutton    Kerstin zu Pan    Simon Puschmann    Tim Thiel    Marc Trautmann    Georg Wendt    Steffen Will    Sara Wilson